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The Mental Game is Tricky - Denali National Park

Wendy Willis interviews Debbie Clarke Moderow

I DON’T KNOW exactly what I was expecting when I visited Debbie Clarke Moderow at her home near Denali National Park. Maybe a disciplined, business-like arrangement between the humans — Debbie and her husband, Mark — and their long-distance sled dogs.

The Moderows keep 28 huskies in the yard they call Salty Dog Kennel, but the boundaries between house and yard, human and animal, pampered pet and working dog are porous and ever-shifting. And I have never seen or heard anything like the .... Read More

September Photo Contest
September Photo Contest - Anywhere and EverywhereThis just out ----

Sled Dog Central will be holding a photo contest during the month of September.
- Dig out those old photos
- Get your camera and take some new pics
- Break out the old home movies
- Use your fancy new cell phone and take some awesome movies
- Got a drone? We love those pics and vids too!

We will be announcing contest categories and prizes in the coming weeks.

We are pleased to have Sweater Chalet as our title sponsor for the photo contest.

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