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Iditarod Links

Updated: 02 April 2014

Dallas Seavey wins in an unbelievable come-from-behind victory!
Aliy Zirkle second by 2 minutes.
Mitch Seavey third.
Joar Leifseth Ulsom fourth.

Iditarod Web Sites | Media | 2014 News Articles | Books

2014 Iditarod Top Five Contest
Contest is closed - winners are posted.

Insight into early Iditarods from Joe May
Winner of the 1980 Iditarod.

Official Iditarod Web Sites

Current Iditarod Race Standings

Media Links

2014 News Articles

ADN Reader Photos 2014 »
ADN Best of the 2014 Iditarod photos »

03/17/14: Buser wins Iditarod dog care award; Seavey's Beatle is top dog »
03/16/14: Despite rough trail, dogs fared well in 2014 Iditarod »
03/16/14: Speed, sleep deprivation and safety: Time to make today's Iditarod a stage race »
03/15/14: Red lantern arrives in Nome, ending Iditarod 2014 »
03/15/14: Fressineau takes Red Lantern by 35 seconds »
03/15/14: Julia O'Malley: A Q&A with Aliy Zirkle »
03/14/14: Iditarod musher: 'It really felt like I was abandoned,' but race official says SOS signal never activated »
03/14/14: Nicole Faille says Hugh Neff nearly died waiting for Iditarod rescue »
03/13/14: Iditarod teams slowly make their way along windy, icy trail to Nome »
03/12/14: Minnesotan, Alaskan duel for Iditarod rookie-of-year honors »
03/12/14: Despite head injury scares, Alaska mushers resist requiring helmets »
03/12/14: How fierce, bitter winds ended Jeff King's Iditarod »
03/12/14: Brutal Iditarod inspires bravery in dogs, drivers »
03/12/14: Battered and bruised Iditarod mushers stagger into Nome »
03/11/14: After brutally long day, Buser reaches Nome in 6th place »
03/11/14: More than howling winds, bad trail made this a nightmare Iditarod for Zirkle, other mushers »
03/11/14: When nature was at its worst, Dallas Seavey was at his best »
03/11/14: VIDEO: Musher Aliy Zirkle explains why she stopped in Safety during Iditarod 2014 »
03/11/14: After hours on the glare ice of Golovin Bay, Neff scratches »
03/11/14: In a finish for the ages, Dallas Seavey claims glory in Iditarod 2014 »
03/11/14: Dallas Seavey - 2014 Iditarod winner »
03/11/14: Dallas Seavey wins Iditarod by minutes over Zirkle in windstorm; King scratches in homestretch »
03/11/14: King scratches outside of Safety as Zirkle, Dallas Seavey duel for first »
03/10/14: Jeff King nears 5th Iditarod title. 'I'm going to try to catch him,' Zirkle says. »
03/10/14: Would fifth victory crown Jeff King as greatest Iditarod musher ever? »
03/10/14: King leaves White Mountain for push toward Iditarod finish line -- and new race records »
03/10/14: Forget trail, strategy, weather -- the best dogs win Iditarods »
03/10/14: Dallas Seavey talks Iditarod strategy at Kaltag checkpoint (VIDEO) »
03/10/14: Iditablog: King, Zirkle lead pack out of Elim »
03/09/14: King, Zirkle on record pace heading into homestretch »
03/09/14: If times hold, Iditarod on pace to shatter previous speed record »
03/09/14: Roaring from behind, King seizes Iditarod lead from Zirkle »
03/09/14: One minute separates Zirkle, King at Koyuk »
03/09/14: Race for Iditarod finish line is a tight one »
03/09/14: Behind superstar lead dog Quito, Zirkle working to protect her slim Iditarod lead »
03/09/14: Iditarod update: Zirkle, King lead the way out of Shaktoolik »
03/09/14: Iditarod leaders on blistering pace into Unalakleet »
03/08/14: Petit Scratches Just Outside of Unalakleet »
03/08/14: Record Iditarod pace has mushers on course to shatter John Baker’s 2011 time »
03/08/14: At Norton Sound coast, leaders prepare for Iditarod's last long push »
03/07/14: Like it or not, SOS button gives Iditarod mushers a safety net »
03/07/14: Zirkle passes Buser, leads the way to the Bering Sea coast »
03/07/14: Dawdling dog mushers; when is it time to send slowest mushers home? »
03/07/14: Iditarod brings touch of normalcy to flood-ravaged Galena »
03/07/14: Yukon Quest can learn from Iditarod, say mushers »
03/07/14: Lindner's plan: Mush to Nome, retire from Iditarod »
03/07/14: Ramey Smyth scratches in Ruby, citing illness on his team »
03/07/14: Iditablog: Zirkle first into Galena, earning $1,000 and a load of salmon »
03/06/14: Buser? Zirkle? Baker? Sorlie? Nearly a dozen mushers with a shot at victory »
03/06/14: Quest champ wonders if Iditarod lead dogs can sustain pace »
03/06/14: Buser arrives on Yukon River poised to regain Iditarod lead »
03/06/14: Iditarod leaders in Ruby and Cripple size up the competition »
03/06/14: Taking layover late in race is part of Jeff King's Iditarod plan »
03/06/14: Rare race tactic puts King in front »
03/06/14: In tiny Takotna, the pause that refreshes is an elixir for battered dog mushers »
03/06/14: Iditablog: King reaches Yukon River first, but his lead is an illusion »
03/04/14: Aussie musher chipper despite raucous trip across Farewell Burn »
03/05/14: Aaron Burmeister, Sonny Lindner, Jeff King plan next steps from Cripple checkpoint »
03/05/14: Jamaican musher helps Mushin' Mortician after accident »
03/05/14: Kotzebue's Keith takes on Iditarod, Ironman »
03/05/14: Mackey's missing, but not his dogs »
03/05/14: Burmeister in lead for midway gold; Buser back on the trail »
03/05/14: Zirkle aims for Iditarod title after narrow misses »
03/05/14: Iditablog: Linder leading charge to Cripple, Zirkle to layover in Takotna »
03/05/14: Iditarod musher flown to hospital after harrowing ordeal »
03/05/14: 11 mushers scratch, 1 withdrawn from Iditarod »
03/04/14: Petit pushes past Takotna to take Iditarod lead »
03/04/14: Toll climbs in Iditarod -- 10 knocked out of race on Tuesday »
03/04/14: Sonny Lindner leads Iditarod out of Ophir, toward halfway mark »
03/04/14: Buser's lead not as big as it appears in bruising I-dirt-arod »
03/04/14: Photos: Mushers navigate Dalzell Gorge on way to Rohn »
03/04/14: Gnarly trail brings top Iditarod mushers like Sorlie, Jonrowe to their knees »
03/04/14: Bruised Jonrowe scratches in Rohn; Buser limping in Nikolai after snowless trail »
03/04/14: Iditablog: Buser into Nikolai well head of pack »
03/03/14: Trail tough on Iditarod veterans and newcomers alike »
03/03/14: Will the early speed of Buser, Sorlie pay off -- or backfire later on? »
03/03/14: Iditarod mushers get into the nitty-gritty of 2014's rough trail »
03/03/14: Tales of trouble on the Iditarod "Steps" »
03/03/14: Zirkle joins Iditarod leader Buser on journey across Farewell Burn »
03/03/14: Mushing family a strong presence in Iditarod »
03/02/14: 3 key questions for race fans as Iditarod gets under way »
03/02/14: At usually snowy Finger Lake, ice prevails »
03/02/14: Ashes of Calif. man are with Jason Mackey on Iditarod Trail »
03/02/14: With new sled 'caboose,' a place for Iditarod dogs to take a break »
03/01/14: Take a ride on defending champ Mitch Seavey's sled »
03/01/14: Now the real race begins: Iditarod heads to Willow after sunny Anchorage preview »
03/01/14: Mushers build high-tech sleds for Iditarod edge »
03/01/14: Party atmosphere marks Iditarod's ceremonial start »
02/28/14: Determined musher DeeDee Jonrowe won't give in »
02/28/14: Iditarod® Launches The Official Iditarod Mobile App »
02/28/14: Iditarod sled dog race kicks off this weekend »
02/28/14: Where to watch Iditarod start »
02/27/14: Iditarod Willow Restart »
02/27/14: Mushers draw bibs, perform standup at annual iditarod »
02/27/14: New Zealand musher draws top starting position »
02/27/14: Anchorage heats up Thursday, hits record temperature »
02/27/14: Rough Iditarod Trail will dish out rocks, roots, trees, ice, and fragile ice bridges »
02/27/14: Aliy Zirkle dogs, doing what they do best »
02/26/14: Are Martin Buser's 'designer dogs' bred for a championship? »
02/26/14: Mushing pioneers' granddaughter, an Iditarod rookie, is ready to race »
02/25/14: Mike Williams Jr. carries on family dynasty of Iditarod racers »
02/25/14: Jeff King says he'll wear a helmet during part of Iditarod »
02/25/14: Love keeps Iditarod mushers connected to their Siberian huskies »
02/25/14: At 73, Jim Lanier is the oldest musher on the trail -- and among the toughest »
02/25/14: Iditarod comes to Huffman Elementary »
02/24/14: Iditarod musher DeeDee Jonrowe's unbridled determination »
02/24/14: Iditarod musher traded figure skates for dog-sled, kibble plates »
02/24/14: Snow said to have improved first sections of Iditarod Trail »
02/23/14: Alaska Dispatch Musher Profiles »
02/23/14: Conway Seavey wins Jr. Iditarod »
02/22/14: Bad weather in Southwest means training woes for Alaska's toughest mushers »
By crunching icy trail with groomers, Iditarod able to start in Willow »
Iditarod restart to stay in Willow »
Lack of snow and lots of ice cause concern among Iditarod mushers »
Musher Brent Sass bows out of Iditarod after head injury in Quest »
Ice, lack of snow along trail may mean misery for Iditarod, Iron Dog racers »
Mushers ponder Fairbanks Iditarod start »
Poor trail conditions could reroute Iditarod restart to Fairbanks »
Iditarod signs deal with Sportsman Channel »
Iditarod field mostly set, but notable names missing from 42nd race »
Kotzebue's Baker signs on for Last Great Race »
07/30/13: 2014 Iditarod mushers already signed up! »
Ex-Iditarod president pens a tell-all memoir »
4-time champ Lance Mackey will sit out next Iditarod, to rekindle passion »
Norway's Sorlie enters 2014 Iditarod »


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