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EU travel regulations updated

11/17/10 | Alan Stewart |

European Council Decision N° 388/2010 of 6th May 2010 regarding travel regulations has been amended for sled dogs.

Regarding: European Council Decision N° 388/2010 of 6th May 2010 : COMMISSION DECISION of 10 November 2010 amending Part 1 of Annex E to Council Directive 92/65/EEC as regards the model health certificate for animals from holdings (notified under document C(2010) 7640) (Text with EEA relevance) N° (2010/684/EU)

In May 2010, the European Council published a decision requiring all European owners of dogs, cats and/or ferrets who wished to travel throughout the EU for “non-commercial purposes” with more than five of their pets, to obtain the same health certificate for transport required for commercial movement. The Commission gave as justification the need to obtain this document so that “fraudulent practices” in which individuals were claiming to transport “pets” when in fact the animals were destined for sale, could be stopped.

The communication from ESDRA, IFSS, WSA and several other organizations, and the letters and phone calls made to Commission Members and MEP’s, led the Commission to discuss a way to ease the administrative burden of this document, which was to have been obtained for every movement and would be valid for ten days.

The Commission has therefore amended the document to make it valid for four months or to the end of the validity of the rabies vaccinations, whichever comes earlier. It has also been clarified that this rule concerns movement of more than five pets per person (owner or other person responsible for the animals).

The ESDRA secretary is continuing to follow this closely and will need all possible feedback on the experience of those who will need to have this health certificate. She would also like to know if these certificates are truly controlled during people’s travels. Please keep her informed at  

Please find hereafter the procedure that must be done if you are travelling in the EU and/ or any of the following countries, in which the Decision and documents apply for all pet dogs, cats and ferrets coming from EU Member states: Andorra, Switzerland, Croatia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino.

Procedure to obtain the health certificate:

  1. The dogs must be examined by the “authorized vet”, i.e. the one who vaccinates against rabies. Therefore the musher’s vet will do the clinical examination and fill in page IX of each dog’s passport.
  2. The person transporting the dogs must provide copies of the passports to the “official” veterinary inspector at the veterinary services responsible for his/her area, and ask for the transport health certificate. Please take the model provided here in annex to show the inspector.
  3. At the same time you should also provide any or all of the following: registration fro a race event, copy of your sports license if your federation issues one, and / or any other proof of non-commercial movement. If you are travelling simply for training or family visits, you should ask you vet if he would certify in writing that you are not travelling for commercial reasons and are not going to sell your dogs.
  4. Please think ahead and have all the dogs that you might want to travel with over the four months listed on the document!
  5. Normally you should have this document made up 24 hours before departure; however this is neither always possible nor practical in reality. But try to do it as close as possible to the departure date.
  6. Please contact your veterinary services for further information.

Again, this document is required for those travelling with more than five dogs per “owner or person responsible for the dogs.”

If this is your case, share your experience. The ESDRA secretary will be making up a questionnaire about on the ground experience in the application of these rules, and hopes you will participate in feedback. She needs as much information as possible about problems and possible costs encountered as she intends to keep up with this issue very, very closely.

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