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Dogs For Sale/Lease

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George Attla III
Cell: 907-328-8784
G3 Racing Sleddogs E-mail:
North Pole, Alaska, USA

Kennel for Sale. Well bred, well socialized pups for sale.

3 litters of pups born this summer.(7 pups in 2 litters and 8 in the other) $2000.00/litter and 4 yearlings priced at $750.00 each.
The entire kennel plus equipment will be sold at end of season. Some dogs are going now.

Sled Dog Central 2015

Travis Beals
Phone: 907-362-4242
Turning Heads Kennel
Willow, AK, USA

Kennel For Sale

Iditarod veterans, pups, and main team dogs.
Serious Inquiries Only

Sled Dog Central 2015

Dallin Donaldson
Phone: 435-659-4706
Provo, Utah, USA

Everything Goes:

Seven beautiful dogs, two sleds, dog boxes, harnesses, lines, exercise scooter etc.
These dogs are race winners! Great blood lines!
Looking for best offer.

Call Steve for details & photos.

Sled Dog Central 2015

Frank Habermann
Phone: 907-953-7421
Kasilof, Alaska, USA E-mail:

Alaskan Husky - 5 year old, Born 2010, Team Dog.

View PhotoView Photo

Tim Osmar breeding, finished multiple 100 to 300 mile races.
Has been not reliable enough for distance racing lately and would be better suited for a recreational kennel.
Very affectionate.


Sled Dog Central 2015

Jonathan Lucas and Deb Knight
Phone: 867-334-4855
Snow Pigs Kennel
Newport Corner, Nova Scotia, Canada E-mail:

3 Yukon born and bred dogs for sale. Male 3yrs. Male 1yr, female 1yr.

Breedings are Zirkle/G Beck out of Yuka Honda kennel.
Gatt/Sorle, Palfrey/Peck. All great dogs. We are downsizing. Female leads. All harness broken.
Please email or call for pictures.

Price for each dog is $300

Sled Dog Central 2015

Paul McLarnon
Phone: 907-250-8182
Willow, Alaska, USA E-mail:

Excellent sled dogs, good bloodlines

Excellent sled dogs, good bloodlines could also be trained to skijor, approximately 7 years old.

Ramie Brooks x Arlie Reynolds (1/4 German shorthair, Alaska husky).
Excellent mid-distance and sprint team dogs.


Sled Dog Central 2015

Bryce Mumford
Phone: 801-628-6475
Preston, ID, USA E-mail:

Two female yearlings for sale.

Both look great in harness but are smaller than I would like.
$150 ea

Also am looking to lease my dog team out for the winter.
Having family issues and focusing on that.
Good mix of experience and youth. Great dogs. 17 dogs available.

Sled Dog Central 2015

Points Unknown
Phone: 218-370-0283
Hovland, MN, USA E-mail:

Ari is of deep Hedlund Husky lineage and will be turning 10yrs old in November.

View PhotoView Photo

He is still running strong in the team and although he can lead, he has the most exceptional talent as a competent wheel dog.
Ari has always loved being in the house and we feel that it is time to seek a semi-retirement home for him where he can be active outside but also spend the majority of his time inside on the couch.

Being laid back, calm and quiet, Ari gets along with other mellow dogs.
He would be a good dog to help train a younger sled dog but his destination after time spent on the trail must be the couch.
Being a Hedlund Husky, Ari can be respectfully aloof with strangers but once respect is gained and a bond is formed, this bond is remarkable.
We love this boy dearly and know that it is now in his best interest to place him with just the right person that can give him a cozy life in the house.

If you think this might be you, please contact Points Unknown at
To learn more about Ari and his background, visit

Sled Dog Central 2015

Points Unknown
Phone: 218-370-0283
Hovland, MN, USA E-mail:

Zodiak is an athletic, 8yr old leader from Hedlund and Points Unknown Zulu lines

View PhotoView Photo

Being extremely dedicated to his humans, he works well around other dogs as long as he has structure, consistency and knows there is a human in charge.
He would do well while participating in skijor events but not at the dog park. He can't live or socialize with other dogs due to resource guarding issues.
He must be the only dog with no young children and will only be placed with an active person that has northern breed dog experience that would want to partner with him for canicross hiking, skijoring, winter camping, sledding, etc.

Zodiak is extremely loved. Since he is no longer able to live with other dogs in our kennel setting and craves constant people attention, we feel it would be in his best interest to place him with just the right person.
If you're active, work out of your home, want an athletic and loyal companion (that also loves his couch potato time) and have northern breed experience, then we would love to hear from you.

Contact Points Unknown at
To learn more about Zodiak and his background, visit

Sled Dog Central 2015

Mike Santos
Phone: 907-768-2700
The Wolf's Den Kennel E-mail:
Cantwell, AK, USA Website:

A variety of talented dogs for sale including pups, yearlings, Iditarod finishers from the main team, and retiring dogs.

*Updated* - See our website for details. Package deals available.

Sled Dog Central 2015

Cim Smyth
Phone: 907-232-3586
Big lake, Alaska, USA E-mail:

Recreational and professional quality team dogs and leaders for sale.

Call for more info.

Sled Dog Central 2015

James & Ariane Wheeler
Phone: 907-598-0016
Wheeler Kennel E-mail:
Clam Gulch, Alaska, USA

Many dogs for sale

Puppies, yearlings, adults.
Streepers, Gilbertson, Cook, Peebles, Turner bloodlines.
Inquire for more info. Wide price range.

Sled Dog Central 2015

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