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Brenda Burge
2003 ACS Open North AmericanPhoto Gallery

[for more info on photos contact Brenda at]

Buddy Streeper Egil Ellis
Buddy Streeper, left, and Egil Ellis, right,
at the beginning of the second heat of the 2003 ONAC


Click on any of the following photos to see a larger version

Buddy Streeper Day 3
Buddy Streeper, Day 3
Egil Ellis Finishing Day 3
Egil Ellis
Finishing Day 3
Stefan Bittl Day 3
Stefan Bittl, Day 3
Eric Lanser Day 3
Eric Lanser, Day 3
Arleigh Reynolds Day 3
Arleigh Reynolds, Day 3
Marvin Kokrine Day 2
Marvin Kokrine, Day 2
Magali Philip Day 3
Magali Philip, Day 3
Bill Kornmueller Day 1
Bill Kornmueller, Day 1
Jeff Conn Day 3
Jeff Conn, Day 3
Michael Tetzner Day 2
Michael Tetzner, Day 2
Michi Konno Day 1
Michi Konno, Day 1
Don Cousins Day 3
Don Cousins, Day 3
Mari Wood Day 2
Mari Wood, Day 2
Dean Seibold Day 3
Dean Seibold, Day 3
Schouviller Wassilie Day 2
Schouviller Wassilie, Day 2
Ricky Vent
Ricky Vent, Day 3
  John Gallahorn Day 2
John Gallahorn, Day 2
Al Stead Day 2
Al Stead, Day 2

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